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Order and Chaos Online – Mendel Ranger – Part 2

I &#1089h&#959&#1109&#1077 t&#959 &#1109t&#1072rt a n&#1077w toon w&#1110th th&#1077 n&#1077w Mendel r&#1072&#1089&#1077 found &#1110n th&#1077 newest update. I rolled a ranger &#1109&#1110n&#1089&#1077 I never really h&#1072&#957&#1077 played th&#1072t class. Th&#1110&#1109 &#1110&#1109 th&#1077 Second Episode &#959f th&#1077 L&#1077t’s Play. Chirrup – Facebook – TAGS – order &#1072nd chaos online & mendel jojopetv…

Th&#1077 Last &#959f U&#1109 Walkthrough P&#1072rt 1 HD Gameplay Th&#1077 Last &#959f U&#1109 Walkthrough P&#1072rt 1 E3 2012 Th&#1077 Last &#959f U&#1109 15 Minutes gameplay HD Walkthrough Full N&#1077w Demo

50 Responses to “Order and Chaos Online – Mendel Ranger – Part 2”

  1. RohanIsMint says:

    No, my iphone 5, although has a slightly larger screen, is completely manageable. My sister plays on ipad, i had a go on it, and i find you have to go your hands off the side of the ipad to reach something in the middle of the screen, whereas with the iphone, my thumbs reach the middle simple. The players may look smaller, making it harder to target them, but thats only a problem if you have large (wide) fingers.

  2. jojopetv says:


  3. LeeDoG313 says:

    hey jojo, if I get this game on my android Samsung galexy s2 would it charge me for each update?

  4. xMrTormentx says:

    Right, Got a 3G myself, which cant handle it, And am way to hooked on the tablet so there isnt much point in using a smaller screen, i would just end up getting fustrated.

  5. jojopetv says:

    My iPod 4g runs it fine, I reckon it’d be playable on iPod 4g, but I much prefer the larger screen of my iPad 2 obviously

  6. xMrTormentx says:

    (this is just my guess) but i maby ipod cant run it :/ but its all personal preference of what size screen you play on :)

  7. Mr8888X says:

    In my opinioon yes ;)

  8. Mr8888X says:

    iPad 2 5.1.1 jailbroken too for Order & Chaos Let’s Plays too ;) (but in German)

  9. Ivan6235 says:

    is iPod touch screen too small for this game?

  10. Fabian Stummer says:

    Yeah he’s back :)

  11. lTR4Kl says:

    Glad your back on order & chaos. :)

  12. Jackisaboss1208 says:

    What ma?tre d’h?tel are you on?

  13. IamSil3ntt says:

    Can I be in one of your episodes…. Just wandering

  14. Raul Snewman says:

    Agree with you. Jailbreak gives us the things only will be available at iOS 20 :D

  15. jojopetv says:

    Yessir. I’m still running ios 5.01 though cause my device is Jailbroken (I like all the toys iOS doesn’t have)

  16. Raul Snewman says:

    Hey man do you play on ipad 2?

  17. Mr8888X says:

    What’s the Name of your reputation and on which ma?tre d’h?tel Do you play?

  18. jojopetv says:

    omg so cute

  19. jojopetv says:

    no, it was full

  20. killerbee25100 says:

    YEY!!! Jojo back! To order and chaos:) btw u still in AF ma?tre d’h?tel?

  21. CandysAllMediaReview says:

    The Mendels are so CUTE

  22. jojopetv says:

    honesty, not cold blooded

  23. Gregory Strouse says:

    Cold blooded

  24. jojopetv says:

    I’ve seen your channel but sorry I’m not subscribing.  Keep up the excellent work though

  25. RumblySuperset says:

    I know you probably wont see this comment but I would like for you to subscribe to my channel. I do ios making a bet

  26. bigrig243 says:

    Yes, i just shortened it to HD

  27. sturmgewehr stu says:

    7 May 13

  28. shaneanus says:

    be nice if they took the ahooting mechanic back to uncharted 2… as 3s was freaking terrible!! butthis does look fantastic anyhow

  29. xcho20 says:

    just shut up and take my money, dammit!

  30. stuartfiasco says:

    Game looks incredible.

  31. Phantasy Phils says:

    if you mean hard drive then yeah you can. I’d look it up on Google before you buy one though. Make sure to buy one that the PS3 can handle…i.e. don’t get one that’s too quick or too slow, etc.

  32. Jorge Ramirez says:

    this game looks average as fuck

  33. AppoGameing says:

    damn naughty dogs excellent job i might just pick up a ps3

  34. MeisterReaper says:

    completely agrees some era when the AI interacts my brain thinks it is a small cinematic

  35. GAM3RFinn says:

    4 months!

  36. GAM3RFinn says:

    A LOT less laggy and broken.

  37. Laurence Mepham says:

    looks so excellent !

  38. eliguy2 says:

    looks damn excellent. lots of fascinating tech coming into some huge titles this year. this games AI is unlike anything iv seen

  39. frankmoolah says:

    As excellent as the AI is, this could pass for a movie.

  40. Sheik06 says:

    Call of Duty is better!!!! … LOL joking, please don’t kill me =P

  41. bigrig243 says:

    In case you did not read my answer to the first guy that responded to me, i said that i found out it was running on ps3 hardware most of the time they will use a pc to show off there game engines. So it’s not out of the question but i already said i was incorrect

  42. RaisonnHead says:

    You really reckon they would make this a PS3 exclusive and then spend time to script it for a PC (that they won’t use ever again after the screening) just to impress people and mistaken advertise?

  43. bigrig243 says:

    Your not kidding on that one, i was just wondering is it possible to upgrade the HD on your PS3

  44. giovanni whinchester says:

    the last of us the best game

  45. Athril says:

    you mean fallout?

  46. sanlink20 says:

    this is a game? or a movie?! :O!!!

  47. Biohazardz100 says:

    erm survival maybe? If you had food and it was a post apocalyptic world and my family tree had none then I would kill you to get that food for my family tree. It’s not all hugs and kisses in reality my friend

  48. Phantasy Phils says:

    no prob, just thought I’d let u know. yeah most of the time they do… ha, this game looks so excellent it can be easily be mistaken as life a pc demo.

  49. bigrig243 says:

    I checked on this last night so i must right my self, i found out it was running on ps3 hardware, most of the time when they showcase these types of games they tend to use pc to render there hardware.

  50. Phantasy Phils says:

    no its on PS3. check 8:58, “push / to open”


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