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Review Of Auria iPad DAW From Wavemachine Labs – Extended Video

Russ takes a look &#1072t th&#1077 n&#1077w Auria iPad DAW fr&#959m Wavemachine Labs. H&#1077 d&#959&#1077&#1109 a &#1109h&#959w &#1072nd t&#1077ll &#959f th&#1077 highlights &#1072nd gives h&#1110&#1109 opinion. Auria Audio Interface Com…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Review Of Auria iPad DAW From Wavemachine Labs – Extended Video”

  1. manifestgtr says:

    unquestionably the best “huge boy” daw on the ipad…the room where I do my mixing is a small too live for tracking sometimes so I have a separate rig with this (maybe $250 tops including the app) so I can get away from my computer all through tracking…then with aaf file in hand, right back over to pro tools like not anything changed…it’s unreal

  2. TheCaptainT says:

    If this had vst instruments and midi… with a piano roll editor I’d get it right now

  3. Alex Keogan says:

    Is the behringer istudio compatible with this app?

  4. mallorca1guy says:

    looks lika a real food-processor! is this also for pc with windows???

  5. Lucas Prado says:

    tascam us1800 is compatible with auria?

  6. Lucas Prado says:

    There are way to quantize or something like? Elastic? Crossfade?

  7. lobbyshifter says:

    turns out i had the volume on ipad too low….My terrible

  8. echo680 says:

    Useful. But can you pitchshift audio ? I need to find an ipad app where i can, eg like in sony acid. I just want to find an ipad app that does. Anyone ?

  9. lobbyshifter says:

    The output on mine is lame…Its so low….cant wait to get the apogee duet for it hopefully this will sort the volume issue

  10. ShopWiiBee says:

    It’s crazy how people spend a lot of money buying the Ipad, yet the majority are not aware of what the Ipad is acyually capable of doing plus it doesn’t come with a blue-collar.
    Check out my channel for lessons on how to get the most out of you Ipad.

  11. Mauri Garzón says:

    I really do not support the Tascam US-1800? SHIT

  12. Sabrina12315 says:


  13. drukqs2369 says:

    fantastic video… really cool looking app.
    as soon as i get an ipad i’m copping this one

  14. joojo ijojp says:

    what the f****! 11/30 24.99$

  15. Kkidzz says:

    Half price one-day only Friday 11/30!!

  16. swagclasspresident says:

    will this work with the ipad mini?

  17. djmazeibiza says:

    Fantastic!! Looks like you can really do some pro audio control and mixing on it! Does it support midi and virtual instruments?

  18. 2009korte says:

    looks deadly. now i buy an ipad

  19. YOSSI M. says:

    can i get it on my blackberry PlayBook from app world or market

  20. RLreedyProductions says:

    Question, I have bought this and have done some recording with it, but am new to the whole mac/ipad world; and I don’t be with you everything about file storage yet. It seems with, say an 80 GB iPad, it wouldn’t take too many songs to fill up the ipad’s capacity. I’m assuming that since the recorded files are stored within the app, that they are stored on the ipad and that they are honestly larg files. Is this right? BTW, thanks for posting! Excellent review!!

  21. ugirl2 says:

    I have to say it really sounds pro

  22. ugirl2 says:

    This looks really excellent, and ive bought igh priced apps before in the range of $20 or $25 and app but if i buy this for $50 bucks wifey will kill me LOL especially when i have hard disk recorders LoL

  23. Aníbal Romero says:

    Greetings from Ecuador….. my question is: does Auria works with m-audio quick track ultra?

    I know that it not works with quick track ultra 8R. I will buy auria but i need to know if quick track ultra.(no 8R) works at fine…… excuse my english

  24. BreakingBadMusic says:

    opfer xD

  25. Tonunt Worpol says:

    sorry i despise abble or apple or aple or able , steve is die and thats excellent


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