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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB, Black)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB, Black)

  • Exynos 5 Octa (1.9GHz Quadcore + 1.3 GHz Quadcore)
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 3 GB RAM Memory
  • 10.1-inch 2560×1600 WQXGA display with 4 million pixels
  • 8MP rear camera includes a LED flash and shoots video in full 1080p HD
  • Warranty period commences upon the date of purchase by the first consumer purchaser for 1year

GALAXY NOTE 10.1IN 2014 16GB WL BLACKWatch HD movies, read e-books, thumb through photos, and more using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). This tablet pairs a bright 10.1-inch, 2560×1600 resolution screen with Dolby Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound for immersive multimedia enjoyment. Front- and rear-facing cameras let you take photos and HD videos or video-chat with friends. The included S Pen expands the tablet’s functionality by offering shortcuts and translating your handwritten notes in

List Price: $ 549.99

Price: $ 549.99

3 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB, Black)”

  1. Anfro says:
    677 of 698 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Better Than Expected, October 20, 2013
    Anfro (United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I’ve had this Tablet for over a week now and have to say that I am blown out of the water by its performance and what you can do with it! To be fair, there were a few laggy areas when I first got it (day after launch) but those have since been cleaned up by 2 samsung updates. This thing is smokin fast now. I don’t really use the “My Magazine” app that people are complaining about so I don’t have an opinion on that one. But everything else that I use it for is amazing. I really enjoy the web browser that came with it too. I never use chrome or dolphin now.

    So far what has really blown me away is the split screen where you can have two apps open at the same time side by side. I really love this and do it often. Normally when I split, I have the tablet in portrait mode and have youtube in the top windowpane and the internet browser in the bottom windowpane. But on top of that in each windowpane can have multiple apps that you can switch with independently. I also love the fact you can have a windowed app (select few) that you can move around on the screen while you do others things. For example, I have my bank app up and want to figure out my finances for the next 2 weeks so I use the Spen to open a windowed version of the calculator and just start crankin away. It’s awesome!

    Honestly I don’t use the Spen that much for drawing and didn’t really buy it for that. I bought it for the beefy specs, build quality, and high resolution screen and have not been disappointed one bit. It is nice to take a screen capture and be able to write notes directly on it though.

    One thing I think a lot of people are not taking advantage of is an app that comes pre-installed called “WatchON”. It is a samsung app that uses the IR blaster as a universal remote control for all your devices that use a remote. In the tutorial you set up your tv model the cable you use, the make of the cable box, and voila you have a powerhouse remote experience. Let me tell you I use this every day now. So I open the app to the “guide” section and it shows everything that is on tv like your cable box guide. You then select what you want and it changes it on your tv! It’s just nice to have a channel on and just peruse though the guide and select what you want without dealing with the cable box guide. You can star your favorite channels and switch between them with ease. Volume up,down, source, and many other options at your fingertips. I also have my AV receiver that I use for sound set up and it knows to use that for the volume, the channel for the cable box, and the power for the tv. Brilliant! On top of all of that, if you have a newer tv with WIFI direct you can click a button to connect the tablet with the tv and choose to watch whatever is on the tv on the tablet! I was blown away when I stumbled upon that feature! Alert: this app is awesome on football days when you want to switch through the many games that are on at the same time!

    I’m rambling on here but also you can mirror your tablet to your tv (with wifi direct) and it shows what you see on your tablet on your tv. I played the new Madden game on it and it was flawless.

    All in all this is a great tablet and I am very happy with my decision even though it was about $100 more than I wanted to spend. It is worth it though. The software you get with this compared to a clean android experience makes it worth it. I really think if i went to a nexus device from this I would miss all the features and Spen abilities. That is how I know the extras are worth it.

    I will update this review as things change for the better or worse but right now I am thrilled :)


    Update 1: Well, I have had this tablet for just over 3 weeks now and it has successfully integrated itself in my daily life :) I thought it would be odd for a while considering I came from the HP Touchpad with android installed. The HP touch pad has a more square aspect ratio (like the ipads) whereas the Note 2014 is more “Wide Screen”. I am happy to say that I am totally comfortable with the Note 2014 after just 3 weeks. :) I even use it in portrait mode mostly and it feels natural and great. Over all I still love this tablet and it is performing very well.

    I’ve been through 3 over-the-air updates from Samsung and it gets faster and faster with each one. The only problem I had with the tablet was that it took a second or two to wake from sleep via the power button. The 3rd update seems to have fixed this mostly but there still are times where it will take a second…one Mississippi…there we go :) But honestly its not that bad. I use the MoKo case for it that I got on Amazon. It has the smart cover that wakes it upon opening so I don’t notice a delay that much if there is one. Other…

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  2. J. Bush says:
    701 of 733 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This tablet is not for everyone, but those it is for will be blown away, November 15, 2013
    J. Bush (Eastern PA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This tablet has entirely streamlined my educational, professional, and personal productivity. I will preface this by saying I chose this tablet (as my very first tablet of any kind) after 5 WEEKS of research and hours and hours of reading the manual, watching video of reviews, unboxing, customization, how-to’s, tips and tricks, and specific software guides. I had the nexus 10 in my amazon shopping cart when I first came across this tablet. I will nowhere in this review compare this to an apple device- I have never and will never own one- personal preference, I wholeheartedly believe iOS is sufficient or ideal for a lot of people’s use, just not ever going to be for mine. As background, I am in an international DVM program whose laptop just crashed and all 600+gigs of my life were backed up but now only floating in cyberspace so my requirements were a little heady for a tablet-

    a) deal with extensive editing and review of PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, XLXS, etc 14-17hrs a day (terms range from 21-24 credits, 4-5hrs of lecture straight, 3-4 hrs of lab with no access to outlet in many labs). Also when I say edit I don’t just mean take notes on I also mean incorporate text, figures, etc from textbooks, websites, and other documents.

    b) Be a textbook reader and rarely a e-book reader (novels for fun!) Need to access my extensive kindle library, plus some google books and a few Elsevier/pageburst textbooks. Also this needs to be something I am comfortable and accepting of to literally study off of, enough to give up my previous preferring to only study off of paper/actual printed out notes

    c) Allow for flawless email, web chat, skype video and text, some web browsing, and file transfer… all on an absolutely horrible school wireless and LAN setup, unpredictable power availability, etc.

    d) Streaming and downloading of podcasts, video, MRI, CT, radiographs, and ECG’s

    e) Be portable to the clinic and the farms for patient-side transcription, recording, etc

    f) Get me through the 5-6hr flight and all the airport time!

    g) Occasionally watch videos/listen to things for fun

    h) Most importantly, due to a dominant hand injury, multiple surgeries, and continued required hand therapy/rehab, I am currently able to write again but not to type with that hand. I therefore wanted a tablet that was stylus intensive- not just for notes, but for navigation, etc. THIS is what made me give up that wonderful squeaky clean android OS of the nexus 10! (I still thing that is probably the best thing for people that want an android tablet but don’t NEED a stylus)
    So my tablet arrived flawless and flawlessly. The display is beautiful, if anything the screen is too bright- I’m aware my eyes are light sensitive so this won’t match with the majority of people but if I do turn my brightness on at all I don’t believe I’ve ever gone above 15%, though I’m sure there will be some case videos poorly and darkly shot that I may need to in the future.

    i) at least temporarily, replace my laptop and download and have as much of my backed up laptop files as possible

    The tablet was quickly populated with the apps from my HTC phone and google account. The account set up for everything was quick and easy. The initial 2 updates were completed with no adverse signs. Navigation was great, no lag, and I quickly cleared out the stock widgets, set up my panes, and then went into settings…. I activated Developer options and did some customization and disabling there, but most of the disabling I did in app manager, device, and controls. There are very helpful guides out there if you’re not sure which apps are safe to disable as well as a “Guide: Longer Battery Life- How You’re Being Robbed on XDA that takes you step by step in maximizing your tablet. It was not created at the time when I cleaned up mine but it would’ve helped greatly!

    Here is the gist. The tablet comes crammed full of software and capabilities that I don’t need or want. The My Magazine app, a lot of the touchwiz stuff, the eye movement sensors(smart screen), the hand gesture stuff, reading mode, voice control, motions/palm motions, all of that is just a constant battery drain and I will never use them. They were disabled and the vibration feedback for everything was also turned off.

    Battery Report: This tablet was shipped within the US twice, and was brought internationally on a plan 4 days later. It was accidently left on the ENTIRE time for about 8 days with six apps up on standby. It arrived with 18% battery left. I use it for 15-17hours a day and end up having to charge it 2-3hrs per about ever 24hr period to get it back to 100. I can use it while it is charging and it will still positively charge during use.

    USE FOR A STUDENT: It has replaced textbooks, laptop, printer, scanner, and painstakenly editing and customizing notes and…

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  3. Max says:
    435 of 474 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Tablet I have ever owned, for a premium price.(Now support multiple users!), October 11, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This is by far one of the nicest tablets I have ever owned, It’s fast, nice to look at, nice to hold, it doesn’t try to do your thinking for you when you don’t want it to, and it has a lot of features that you can’t find anywhere else. I just wanna say that this now support multiple users!! This is awesome and I’m so glad Samsung came through with this feature.

    -Screen- Wonderful color representation and clarity, Eye candy.
    -S-pen- such a nice stylus, works like a pen, a tablet and stylus really belong together like this!
    -Speakers- Beautiful sound, surprisingly clear and crisp, just a pleasure to listen to. (watched the avengers a couple clicks below highest volume and it was definitely adequate)
    -Speed- One of the quickest tablets I’ve used, it has recently gotten an update that increases the speed of touch-wiz getting rid of any previous stuttering. The gpu in this is a beast capable of a lot of things that some of the next gen chips can’t do like directx 11 and full Gpu computation.
    -Sturdiness- Feels very well built, haven’t had any problem, although plastic it is very sturdy and doesn’t “feel” plastic. The faux leather back is quite nice, and a welcome change of pace however it is just molded plastic I’ll say so you don’t get mislead.
    -Battery Life- This will have enough juice to power a heavy user through the whole day. I have done a test on 25% brightness with WiFi on continuously. In this condition it lasts 10hrs and 43minutes approximately. This was under heavy network usage, and the usage was about 4hrs of video, 1hr of gaming, 2hrs of drawing, 2hrs of web surfing and about the last 2 hours buying and installing stuff. This was with power-saving mode on I believe.

    S-pen air command functions:
    -Action memo- take a quick note and link the information your wrote to something.
    -Pen Window- Basically, an overlaying window that is surprisingly reminiscent of windows on, well…, windows. (Works with only seven apps currently though)
    -Screen write- Take a screen shot and write on it, not sure what it’s good for. Maybe to annotate a website or an E book.
    -S Finder- Search your content, and the web for whatever your looking for. (draw a symbol and search it, or an equation, although it might not always know what kind of equation you want it to be.)
    -Scrapbooker- Basically collect content from the web, or anywhere and throw it all in one place for you to have easy access to.

    -Touch-wiz is definitely not as easy to use as stock Android, once you get used to it though it isn’t at all bad.(edit: I have really begun to like this version of touch-wiz, it has some things reminiscent of stock android but gives it a new spin, but it might not be for everyone)
    -Expensive, but worth it if you are going to use the features.
    -Cannot record 4k video, honestly 4k isn’t going to be mainstream for awhile and it’s not something that is missed as this can record 1080P which is very high quality.
    -The packaging was weird hah, was very secure though.
    -Not sure what else to put as i can’t honestly think of anything else that is troublesome.(i will update though as i have further use of the tablet)

    If you have any questions please comment.


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