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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs. New iPad Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Apple new iPad 3rd gen tablets. Check out our full coverage of these two tablets: Full video review o…

25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs. New iPad Comparison Smackdown”

  1. Elijah Leonard says:

    U should pit the prices in the description 

  2. Technology Digest says:

    Tablets for the computerphobic and computercentric. This is a great review
    of the top iOS and Android tablets and where they shine. Pick you poison.
    Set the output at bottom of the video to the highest resolution (Gear) and
    full screen to evaluate the displays on these tablets.

  3. bobdigi88 says:

    Great reviw. Soon as I saw it was a women I was going to turn off. But this
    is the best 10.1 review I’ve seen. Women ar getting really good at things.
    Well done ladies.

  4. Harry Davison says:

    Good for picking the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 Ipads are crap

  5. Shekib Asghari says:

    I was upset with Ipad problem becuz I try put pics, address, etc to PC from
    ipad long sometime and all gone that was ruin. Easier samsung film to PC
    that fast. 

  6. bretking1978 says:

    also if in anyone is interested in purchasing a NOTE 10.1…. I don’t use
    the Wi-Fi but maybe an hour or two per charge (you can easily turn it on
    and off) I mostly use the art apps and handwriting apps … and I am
    getting between 11 and 12 hours with each charge…. that is mind blowing
    to me

  7. bretking1978 says:

    I purchased the Galaxy note 10.1 about 2 weeks ago and It is an absolutely
    fun tablet to own for me as I enjoy sketching/painting and writing

  8. BiohazardBunney says:

    what is so wrong about wanting to watch a youtube video and go on facebook
    at the exact same time? Huh, Apple? and why can’t I see the top news
    stories, notifications, or just the time when I go back to my homepage
    immediately? Bottom line, Android combined with Samsung is the best
    experience. Or just Android by itself.

  9. BiohazardBunney says:

    Apple and Samsung use the exact same hardware.

  10. Online Gadget Store says:

    It is easier to decide when you are not really planning to buy any of
    these. They are both looking good but when it comes to specs, Samsung could
    nail it. Also, it will be better if you will try them both hands-on. There
    are some biometrics not written well in the papers but look good live.

  11. tommy jones says:

    I have both tablet, frankly speaking Apple is way better. I’ve watched a
    lot of videos and read some comments. People say samsung is this or that.
    Customization the best.but hardware, software ,stability truly the best.

  12. rushxanders Tareq says:

    Xbox lol

  13. Akash Swarnakar says:


  14. XxxNovaAssaultxxX says:

    he means the ipad is pretty to look at and fun to touch but the note 10.1
    has all these cool new features that you will want to show your friends and

  15. penoyer79 says:

    this was an unquestioned Samsung beatdown imo. no contest.

  16. penoyer79 says:

    175 Apple trolls disliked this video.

  17. Bill Page says:


  18. captcordova says:

    Samsung way better

  19. tillallareoneluv says:

    No SD card is just ridiculous. I just don’t understand why people are HAPPY
    to pay top dollar to be screwed by a company.

  20. Daniel Azevedo says:

    it’s not right to judge people by their brands choices and it’s sad that
    your comment was choosen to be top! I’m not an apple fan, far from that! I
    hate that they exploit chinese workers for having more profit but I prefer
    iPad to any other tablet only because it’s the best for reading – something
    dumb people like

  21. Daniel Azevedo says:

    ipad is currently the best tablet for reading technical books now don’t say
    ipad is for losers if you rather a tablet for gaming than a tablet for

  22. thatsprettiiamazingx says:

    I was 99% sure i was going to get the ipad 5 when it came out. Now I just
    want the samsung

  23. Kyle Ray says:

    Nice review, but dissing on Plastic over iPad Mini’s cheaper DIE Cast
    Aluminum shoves your ignorance in our face. Still only metal, like that in
    pot metal toys! Samsung Cheil Chemical has been in Space Age Plastics since
    before Man went to the Moon w/ their Polycarbonate “Bubble Helmets” now
    60yrs! Infino Brand PC is used not only on the leather look back of Galaxy
    Note 3, but in Luxury Automobiles including Bugatti Veyron’s light clear
    removable roof & other expensive parts! So Wise Up! ;)

  24. GerardWayIshSmexi says:

    I have a samsung galaxy note 10.1 I LOVE IT >;OO

  25. ooflajboo says:

    10.1 FTW!!!!!!


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