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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 camera test comparison

If you want to know how the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone compares to the shooters from the previous Samsung Galaxy S3 flagship and the all mighty iPho…
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24 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 camera test comparison”

  1. Pipoy Pipay says:

    My opinion is that iphone is better than the s4 …

  2. hseenarabe123 says:

    galaxy s4 the best

  3. widooex says:

    Iphone should go A/ndroid, then it will be a decent phone..

  4. Daniel Vásquez says:

    wow!.. iphone 5 looks amazing!

  5. RenoM9812 says:

    2:05 the recording on the iPhone looks way smoother then the s4 and s3 but at 1:43 the pictures on both s4 and s3 have way better color then the iPhone

  6. hdarken says:

    1:42 The GS4 and GS3 have warmer more natural colors.

  7. Gursimran Bedi says:

    Is the Mod Avalable for the Galaxy S2 i9100? I’d love to take better pictures while on an AOSP based rom.

  8. Diesel Vin says:

    Iphone 5 The best camera from the others.

  9. Lara Santos says:

    conclusão , a camera do i-phone pe mto melhor

  10. Lara Santos says:

    q cara feio KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK’

  11. Byron Danieluz says:

    iPhone 5 it’s better than ”s”

  12. s27945 says:

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  13. XxArmandoUnholyxX says:

    even with the 13megapixels the iphone still gives the s4 a run for it`s money :)
    so many choices.
    What a great Year to be a consumer.

  14. tinkman98 says:

    S4> I5 > S3

    Android > IOS

  15. jeffrey1296 says:

    My galaxy note 2’s camera has a mod by hyperx and it wins the iphone 5 by far. But it takes more space! 30mbps. 192kbps audio. Crazy right? X) you have to be rooted and unlocked bootloader.

  16. MooNsProduction says:

    Why all samsung’s video records are so jerky?

  17. ivook says:

    Iphone 5 wins. not by much but it is the winner.

  18. popmariusmirel says:

    super video. s4 zic eu ca e cel mai tare. un pret pt. s4 PLEASE!!!!!

  19. Sr68720 says:

    s4 win if u turn nightvision mode on!

  20. Sr68720 says:

    but it is the better camera in low light turn night vision on best pics at night, best video turn anti shake on, has better colours, the iphone looks washed out sometimes look at the red car in the picture for e.g and also, gs4 better audio recording vidz, plus the dual shot front and rear cam makes bloging a dream. plus the 13 megapixal cam does give more detail as seen when u crop the image.

  21. beni repi says:

    samsung is much bether

  22. Game4lif395 says:

    is it just me or did the iphone 5 have better quality almost every time, but it didn’t seem like it because he didn’t zoom in as close with it as he did with the s4

  23. Antonio Mancuso says:

    Just because you hear 13 megapixels, that doesn’t mean that its a better camera. Learn your stuff before you rash on iPhone just because you don’t like it.

  24. Dumitru Manea says:

    s3 records video at 1920×1080…


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