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Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)

Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)

  • Android Froyo (2.2); CPU: 1GHz A8 Cortex Processor;
  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 4000mAh
  • Memory: 16GB Internal Memory; Up to 32GB Expandable Memory (microSD)
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n; USB 2.0; Bluetooth 2.1 Connectivity
  • Display: 7.0″ WSVGA Display; 600 x 1024 Pixel Display Resolution; 3.54″ x 6.05″ Display Size; 16M TFT Display Technology
  • Video: Codec: Mpeg4, H.264, H.263, Divx/XviD Format: 3gp(mp4), wmv(asf), avi(divx), mkv, flv

Samsung’s WiFi Galaxy TabEnjoy a rich, brilliant viewing experience wherever you roam with the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile tablet–a powerful, entertainment device ideal for home or on the go. Weighing just 1 pound, it features a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen display with 3D-like graphics, speedy 1 GHz processor, and the Android 2.2 operating system–all in a sleek and compact form factor.

The exceptional 7-inch screen is designed for reading books and magazines, watc

List Price: $ 369.99

Price: $ 369.99

3 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)”

  1. tr1an says:
    346 of 372 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome device!, April 16, 2011
    tr1an (CT, US) –

    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) (Personal Computers)
    I just got this a couple of days ago, and been playing around with it since. I can’t put it down! Didn’t charge it until after two days. It’s amazing how light and portable it is. With my commute, it’s an excellent device to carry with me. Much lighter than any iPads, Xoom, or any other upcoming Honeycomb devices. The price, well, it’s EXCELLENT!! I use it mostly for reading books and browsing. Wherever I go now, there’s mostly WiFi, so this is perfect. The screen clarity is AMAZING! Much much better than Motorola Xoom.

    Galaxy tab feels like a conveniently oversized Android phone, and that is a GOOD thing, because of my familiarity with Android phones. The icons look conveniently big now. Unlike Honeycomb, most applications run great because it’s technically a software for phone. Pandora, book reading apps, Pulse, all run great!

    I’d actually give it a 4.5 star instead of five, just because of some things:
    - Some apps appear to be stretched, so sometimes it’s not that pleasing to the eyes.
    - Qik doesn’t work. This defeats the purpose of including it in the first place.
    - No video chat for Skype or GTalk. It’s not Samsung’s fault, but maybe they should nudge Google. After all, they do make a Nexus S for them, which also has a front facing camera.
    - When connected to a PC, it doesn’t charge. What gives?!

    Other than that, I think this is an excellent device. I hope that Samsung would upgrade this to Gingerbread at some point, and change the charging policy.

    Do not compare this with an iPad (which I do own). They are completely different in apps and interface. I still don’t understand why people keep comparing the two, and always in search of an ‘iPad Killer’. iPad is a great product in its own merit, and so is Galaxy Tab 7 WiFi. I’d rather that these manufacturers just make products that perform well, instead of trying to kill others.


    It does have GPS antenna and it functions well. I did a turn-by-turn navigation yesterday, and it worked perfectly. The trick is, you’d need an internet connection for the map to do navigation. I used a phone WiFi hotspot.

    The internal memory is 16 gB, and the RAM is 512. It does not come with a Micro SD card but it does have the slot. So if you want to add the storage, you would have to buy your own and put it into the Micro SD slot.

    I have not tried bluetooth yet. I might try that today.


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  2. UncleSam says:
    142 of 154 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very useful device, April 18, 2011
    UncleSam (TX United States) –

    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) (Personal Computers)
    I wanted to wait for Galaxy Tab 8.9, but just decided to get this since I preferred 7 inch screen for more portability reason. This device is just half the size of iPad. I use this device for watching movies I downloaded which are divx, xvid, mkv codec movies. So far, I haven’t had any problem playing any types of movie files I have. It even plays .mkv file over 3GB. One thing to clarify on the other review is that connecting to PC USB port actually charges (but slowly) somehow status says it’s not being charged. Same thing happen when I connect to an external battery, it slowly charges, but status says it’s not being charged.

    -you can watch HD video in original format (divx, xvid, mkv, etc) without conversion.
    -wifi-only version has GPS (unlike iPad). I installed MapDroyd(lets you download maps) for off-line navigation
    -full support of Flash (so far, no issues accessing flash sites that I usually visit)
    -SD card slot (for up to 32GB)
    -comes with ThinkFree office (you can read .doc .pdf, and etc)
    -you have choice of 3 app stores (Google Market, Amazon app store, Samsung app store) Samsung app for u.s. version has only few apps now, but hope it grows bigger
    -portable size – you can hold with one hand, and it goes into your pocket
    -you can connect to any pc to transfer the files (movies, musics, docs, etc) unlike iPad which requires iTunes.

    -Reader’s Hub is missing somehow.
    -Proprietary connector instead of mini or micro USB
    -most of the apps I installed work fine with the resolution, but a few apps are displayed smaller in the center (for example: Engadget app)

    So far, I’m very happy with the purchase. I own iPad too, but recently I haven’t really used iPad because this tablet. I wish I get gingerbread upgrade for Galaxy Tab soon.


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  3. Adam says:
    346 of 403 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Honestly not worth it, May 11, 2011

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) (Personal Computers)
    This was my first Android device. Probably won’t be the last, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I ended up returning the Tab after a few weeks with it. The problems were numerous.

    1.) This is the most egregious. The Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi is dramatically lower spec’d than its 3G counterparts. Therefore, every review you can find online does not apply. It has an older generation processor (Arm v7 vs. Arm v8), the graphics processor is also a generation behind and dramatically lower in speed (530 vs. the 540). What does this mean to non tech geeks? The buttery smooth performance you see in reviews for the earlier Tabs is replaced by slow scrolling in webpages, the homescreen taking several seconds to work when you rotate the device, and games simply not working. I couldn’t believe Samsung would completely cripple the device like this but a casual glance at the product page produces this gem “features and specifications subject to change without prior notification”. It is absolutely insane a major tech company has that disclaimer on a product page, and the fact they don’t advertise the radical difference between the devices is shameful.

    2.) Another major consequence is one of the coolest features of the 3G Tabs is not present here, HDMI out. HDMI out does not work on the Wi-Fi only version. Probably a result of Sammy putting the Wi-Fi only Tab a generation behind the 3G version.

    3.) Finally, this really cemented my decision to return it. I can handle the inferior performance, grudgingly, but I can take it. I can’t handle the fact that this device is Wi-Fi only and it doesn’t properly connect to Wi-Fi. When I first got the device I had trouble connecting it to networks. After resetting it like 5 times and assigning a static IP address to it, it finally randomly worked. Then, after a couple of weeks and no change on my part I got the same connection problems! Now, after a few more resets, I finally had it. Less you think its just me, google Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi problems and marvel at how widespread they are.

    Simply put, Samsung is launching new tablets next month (June 8th), and they’ve clearly given up on the current Tab despite it launching only a couple of weeks ago. Save your money and wait, I promise you this device will only bring frustration.


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