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SquareTrade’s Face-off: Nexus 7 vs. iPad

Also check out SquareTrade at In this Face-off we test the Nexus 7 vs. the iPad to see how they fare when they are dropped …
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49 Responses to “SquareTrade’s Face-off: Nexus 7 vs. iPad”

  1. danz409 says:

    Giving away a brand new freshly dropped and pre soaked nexus 7!

  2. Alex Seicean says:

    the nexus 7 is heavier, so the fall “should” have made a bigger damage. the ipad is a well-made product, but i’ve seen A Lot of apple devices with broen screens. this happens due to the aluminium chasing pushing towards the glass. i own a nexus 7 (2012) and after heavy usage it still looks like new. great video btw.

  3. Муся Пуся says:

    с прогиба его

  4. Fallen Mirror says:

    I’m not a fanboy of anything, I’m just being realistic.
    Apple sucks. Android all the way, and your money is safe from the free apps that IOS sell for 0,99$!

  5. Nexo Gamerz says:

    I personally do not own any iProducts, and I ended up going with a Asus Transformer TF300. Android all the way :)

  6. pakkie16 says:

    уай с прагиба бросил

  7. Fallen Mirror says:

    Nexus 7. iPads are only for Apple fanboys who have iPhone and Mac.
    Nexus 7 is more powerful, resistant and cheap. There’s no need in buying the iPad unless you want to PAY ( be a fanboy )
    That’s my suggestion.

  8. Fallen Mirror says:

    The nexus didn’t turned off. Pause at 2:03

  9. Fallen Mirror says:

    Tell us if it’s ok and you can even play underwater!

  10. 3453263 says:

    LMAO all apple devices are shit

  11. Оксана Андриенко says:

    ВАшу мать , это же издевательство над моей психикой ….

  12. zike320 says:

    It’s funny how the iPad is all broken up and the speakers are fucked and if you had that kind of damage you would have to pay like 250 dollars to get it fixed and people still think I pad is better btw nexus 7 costs as low as 229.99$

  13. Marcel Mcd says:

    The funny thing is after watching this I’m ma put my nexus underwater

  14. Anjorin Babajide says:

    ASUS will drive the worlds IT company to the next level with this new concept

  15. chrischoy9 says:

    The object with bigger mass is going to have greater momentum at the same speed

  16. chrischoy9 says:

    wtf? do you even know basic physics?

  17. Coltsrock56 says:

    FYI: Objects fall at the same speed even one is heavier, so your logic is flawed.

  18. MrBagich says:

    Zachem ti eto chitesh, lalka chtoli?

  19. Noah Morgan says:

    The iPad is a lot better the lady gaga video needed to buffer!

  20. Rora12344321 says:

    اهم شي كسرو الايباد أعطوني هوا

  21. Fedya Karp says:

    The iPad weighs twice as much and is a lot bigger in size, plus it always fell on one of it’s corners, no wonder there is more damage.

  22. Родион Стальной says:

    В топе русские ура-а-а-а-а !!!!!

  23. erichmmiiiable says:

    @TheAlienDount look at the screen when he pulls it out of the water it is clearly still on

  24. TheAlienDonut says:

    Fake , the nexus clearly turned off and the screen fixed off when dropped in water

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