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Targus AKB32US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Black) Reviews

Targus AKB32US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Black)

  • Ergonomic design t&#959 h&#1077l&#1088 prevent strain; Bluetooth technology provides a cable-free connection
  • Keys provide tactile feedback f&#959r improved typing speed &#1072nd accuracy;
  • 7 Months &#959f battery life &#1072nd low power indicator light

Th&#1077 Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard f&#959r iPad features &#1072n integrated ergonomic tilt t&#959 provide added comfort &#1072nd dodge strain wh&#1110l&#1077 typing. Th&#1077 keys provide tactile feedback t&#959 th&#1077 user t&#959 h&#1077l&#1088 increase typing accuracy &#1072nd speed. Th&#1077 Bluetooth wireless technology provides a sterile, cable free workspace &#1072nd quickly syncs t&#959 &#1091&#959&#965r iPad f&#959r immediate &#965&#1109&#1077. Th&#1077 keyboard features up t&#959 7 months &#959f battery life &#1072nd includes a low power indicator light t&#959 l&#1077t th&#1077 user know wh&#1077n th&#1077 battery &#1110&#1109 running low

List Price: $ 63.99

Price: $ 29.95

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3 Responses to “Targus AKB32US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Black) Reviews”

  1. Peter B. Nelson says:
    185 of 187 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic technology at a better price, April 11, 2011
    Peter B. Nelson (Pine Island, MN USA) –

    This review is from: Targus AKB32US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Black) (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Curriculum (What’s this?)

    Pros: Light consequence, compact, full sized keys, iPad specific functions, simple setup, black color, mechanical sliding power button, fantastic value.

    Cons: Flexes in center, power switch on top (instead of bottom).

    As “magical” as the iPad is, to be really productive with it you are going to need a keyboard. You’ll probably gravitate to one of three solutions: Apple’s iPad Dock with Keyboard, Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard, or this Targus bluetooth iPad keyboard. I have extensive experience with the former and will address them briefly before reviewing the Targus.

    Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock: This works well enough for the 1st generation iPad, but it suffers from two serious deficiencies. First, it has a stand built into it, making it less portable, and allowing only portrait mode (which is lame for send by e-mail), while not allowing for an iPad case (not even the thin Apple case). Second, though it works well with the 1st gen iPad, it is extremely hard to get a 2nd gen iPad mounted on the stand; the curved back makes inserting the dock connector into the iPad 2 frustrating, at best.

    Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard: It was made for their desktop computers and lacks iPad specific function keys (while not a deal breaker, I miss them). Also, although there is a power button on the unit, it is ambiguous whether it is on or off. Turning it off requires a three-second button push and precise observation of the indicator LED. This is a real issue because, life portable, the iPad often wanders away from the keyboard but stays together to it wirelessly which disables iPad’s virtual keyboard – requiring either a trip back to the keyboard to power-off; or a virtual trip to the iPad’s configuration menus: GeneralSetting/Bluetooth/Off. Annoying at first, aggravating later.

    Finally, the Targus Bluetooth iPad keyboard: It has numerous advantages to its Apple cousins. First, it’s customized for the iPad, having iPad specific function keys. Second, it’s very portable – much smaller and lighter than the Apple BT keyboard – while still sporting full size keys. You can use it with any case. It permits both portrait and landscape mode. It has a mechanical, sliding on/off switch. Its F5 key toggles the on-screen keyboard (just push F5 and decamp to the sofa, then it won’t even matter if you’re still together to the keyboard wirelessly).

    The Targus is very simple to set up. First, make sure your iPad is on the Bluetooth setup screen. Then, turn on the keyboard and push the small connect button (a toothpick works fantastic). The iPad prompts you to type a 4 digit key number. Done. This procedure will probably never need to be repeated (unless you renovate or replace your iPad).

    The keyboard has a decent feel; excellent key travel with medium amount of noise. It is made of black plastic, which is both a plus and a minus. I like the looks of the black keyboard with the black iPad. Use of plastic also keeps the consequence down – nice for traveling. Four rubber feet keep the keyboard secure. My one complaint is that there is some flexing headed for the center of the keyboard. It takes some getting used to, but doesn’t really seem to affect my typing.

    I’d pick the Targus keyboard even if it were the same price as the others. As it is much cheaper the choice should be simple.

    One last note: I’ve had both the first gen iPad and now the iPad 2. I really like this keyboard paired with an iPad 2 sporting a “smart cover”. The smart cover gives me the instant landscape orientation that the Mail curriculum deserves; and the Targus chains it seamlessly – with or without power, no futzing with stands – while looking excellent. A nice setup!

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  2. turtlex "turtlex" says:
    52 of 53 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Super Simple Set-Up, Helpful SmartKeys, Quailty Feel !, March 28, 2011

    This review is from: Targus AKB32US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Black) (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Curriculum (What’s this?)

    First, the technicals on my side : I veteran this keyboard with a first generation iPad, 32gb, WiFi/3g model. I used it on the notepad and playing a NYT crossword puzzle. I also used it to navigate around my device.

    Stated plainly, this is a fantastic product and really enhanced the iPad’s usability. I highly recommend this iPad accessory.

    The Set-up / Pairing the Keyboard to the iPad – It was VERY simple to set up and the four step directions were clear and simple to follow. Using the directions, the keyboard was quickly paired via BlueTooth to the iPad in, literally, just a few minutes – and that’s from opening the packaging to really using the keyboard. Nice!

    Pro’s :
    1. Super simple and quick set-up. All you need is a pen to depress the pairing button on the back of the keyboard ( onetime, on initial discovery only ).
    2. The keyboard really does have a fantastic feel to it. The keys are excellent sized and have a genuine tactile feedback. Typing is simple and hand/finger placement feels natural.
    3. The keyboard has a quality feel without life too heavy. It’s frivolous but not cheap feeling!
    4. No fold-out feet that typically end up breaking off. The keyboard “angle” is lightly weighted and contains the battery compartment.
    5. There are multiple, very helpful SmartKeys, including a “Return To Home” button.
    6. Multi-tasking is supported by double clicking the HOME button. Nice touch here.
    7. Very long battery life – box states up to 7 months… there’s a low battery warning indicator as well, so you won’t get caught unawares.
    8. Batteries are INCLUDED ( two AAA batteries ).

    Con’s : Really I can’t complain, but if I had to find some, they’re very minor …
    1. The Keyboard doesn’t have a sleep button. It’s on or off.
    2. A bag or carry case would have been nice.

    I’m not sure if it will matter to anyone, but I thought I would mention that the keyboard is slightly longer than the iPad ( when the iPad is horizontal ). I didn’t mind it at all – the keyboard seems a perfect size.

    Huge thumbs-up on this keyboard, it’s a winner and will make using your iPad an even more enjoyable experience.

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  3. S. Lionel says:
    32 of 32 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    If you’re taking lots of notes on an iPad or iPhone, this is clever, March 21, 2011
    S. Lionel (NH USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Targus AKB32US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Black) (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Curriculum (What’s this?)

    While the screen keyboard of the iPad is certainly simpler to use than that of an iPhone, it isn’t the best if you are typing a lot, such as taking notes or prose an article. For that, not anything beats a real keyboard, and the Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is a quite decent one.

    The keyboard itself is compact and frivolous, with large “chiclet” stylishness plastic keys that are similar in appearance to what you’d find on a MacBook. As this keyboard is specialized for iPad and Mac, it has the Apple-specific selection and command keys, plus a row of dedicated function keys that are mapped to Home, Search, start slideshow, audio controls and lock. It paired easily with both my iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS, but it can pair with only one device at a time. The feel of the keys is decent with excellent travel, again much like on a MacBook, and the layout and even the legend fonts contest that of a MacBook.

    The only negative I found was that the center front of the keyboard was a bit bouncy – there is a small plastic tab that sticks out from the underside of the keyboard but it doesn’t quite reach the surface it is resting on. There are four rubber bumpers on the corners. If you push down on the space bar you can feel it flex and perhaps hear a small tap as the tab hits the table.

    The downside of using a keyboard with an iDevice is that you’ll still have to touch the screen for many functions. For example, while I could do a search, I could not select any of the found bits and pieces with the keyboard. I had hoped I could use the arrow keys for that. This is not a knock on the Targus keyboard – it’s just the way the iDevices are designed – and in normal use it is not likely to be a hindrance.

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