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“The New iPad” (iPad 3) Offical Introduction Video

“Th&#1077 N&#1077w iPad” (iPad 3) Offical Introduction Video Features: -High-resolution Retina spectacle Camera: – iSight camera: 5-megapixel w&#1110th autofocus; tap t&#959 focus; face detection &#1110n still images; video recording, HD (1080p) up t&#959 30 frames per second w&#1110th audio; video stabilization – FaceTime camera w&#1110th VGA-quality photos &#1072nd video &#1072t up t&#959 30 frames per second Consequence &#1072nd Dimensions: -Wi-Fi Height: 9.50 inches (241.2 mm) Width: 7.31 inches (185.7 mm) Depth: 0.37 inch (9.4 mm) Consequence: 1.44 pounds (652 g) -Wi-Fi + 4G Height: 9.50 inches (241.2 mm) Width: 7.31 inches (185.7 mm) Depth: 0.37 inch (9.4 mm) Consequence: 1.46 pounds (662 g) Wireless: -Wi-Fi Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 4.0 technology Battery Life: -10 Hours Website: Chirrup Facebook: Thanks MadAssGamers
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Gadget & Travel clothing! In th&#1110&#1109 video, I w&#1110ll compare th&#1077 rear video camera (iSight) between th&#1077 n&#1077w iPad &#1072nd th&#1077 iPad 2. th&#1077 n&#1077w apple ipad 3 VS ipad 2 comparison video quality HD 1080 sensor compare 3rd gen vs 2nd gen apple ipad 16th march 2012 HD quality retina spectacle quad core graphics LTE steve jobs tim cook phil schiller theunits3 i6laswegian glasgow scotland scottish accent

49 Responses to ““The New iPad” (iPad 3) Offical Introduction Video”

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  2. MrYeuemnhieu says:


  3. oOJakkeOo says:

    I bought my iPad 2 in August this year and I’m not regretting my choice. It works just as excellent as the iPad 3 and to a lower cost :) I reckon I will go for the iPad 5 when it arrives in 2014!

  4. uppermostking02 says:



  5. charliechickenable says:

    i got it 2day


    I’m not gonna weep *sniff*

  7. rjrex8 says:

    Acer Aspire S7 is better! check this out!

  8. TheRealQueenMary says:


  9. gettinaway7 says:

    WOO thailand!

  10. James Poole says:

    SHould i buy this or wait for the iPad 4???? any suggestions are excellent!

  11. hamster2milkshake says:

    I’m on mine right now and they outstanding they are so quick but battery life isn’t very excellent

  12. kalpanakendre123 says:


  13. Nick Stephen says:

    Best Tablet. Going for $439 @

  14. james wake says:

    Im still loving my wonderful iPad 2 I might pick up the next one

  15. MegaEbru123 says:

    Im watching this on my ipad 3 its very excellent ;-)

  16. BuhnanaFone says:

    why am i watching this? i have ipad 3 already -.- its really out of charge and in my backpack right now

  17. dushi cerillano says:

    es igual al 2

  18. Ryan Maan says:

    it is fuckin sik

  19. rjrex8 says:

    acer aspire s7 is better!!

  20. Legenddeadman4ever says:

    Amusing how my ipod froze wen they re were talking about the network

  21. hirr1 says:

    What name is that ap in 0:19?? Thanks

  22. bretthunt2009 says:

    Take the iPad to the beach they said, it will be fun they said …

  23. james garfield says:

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  24. redarrowhead2 says:

    I despise this overrating of asians my god. Most geniuses, contributers to science and mathematics, inventors were not asian, and not even close. Shut the fuck up already.

  25. Sierra1172552 says:

    I’m getting mine on sept 22my bday

  26. Mike duce says:

    Hey, have you heard about geting a free iPad 3?
    Google ( Monster Snag ) to see what I mean Its under [freebies]. only reason I am posting this is because, I really got a iPad 3! You are Welcome!

  27. TheMarleythedog says:

    I use my iPad as my Camara who cares

  28. lifehasvalue says:

    i reckon for only using the ipad at home, the ipad 2 is way better choice and if you have a iphone 4 or higher, take the photos and vids with your iphone and then have them stored on your ipad… the camera really doesn`t matter if you have an iphone and the rest of the ipad 3 is not worth the money in my opinion.

  29. 5YNT4K says:

    The iPad is well-located to take pictures with; especially because they can be edited on the same device.

  30. Clanki says:

    Kind of sad if someone uses the ipad’s or even iphones for video or photography.
    At smallest amount from the standpoint of a photographer that uses a DSLR and heck even for people who use a compact camera.

  31. survivorevil says:

    now its proven that the rear camera on the ipad 3 is the same than the one on the iphone 4 lol

  32. Jorge Prado says:


  33. evenor24 says:


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  34. theunits3 says:


  35. davemon55 says:

    were those vids taken in inchinnan?

  36. GoVladGo says:

    I use the camera around home..

  37. paulhojda says:

    do you drive a saab?

  38. MrMobbious says:

    I was really wanting to buy an AyeGear jacket this time but when I was about to order, shipments went the world over else in the world BUT the United States. Whats up with that? lol

  39. Yggbertz says:

    Yes because the main reason to upgrade is the camera. Not the fact it’s the only tablet out with a 2048×1536 screen. Nope, certainly not that.

  40. theunits3 says:

    1080 is available from the settings in the bottom right.

  41. Randall snowden says:

    I use it! Very useful

  42. TubeCompie says:

    I use it to copy homework in college very clever also to rip magazines in the public library.

  43. Jorge Prado says:

    Well the iPad 2 has a 0.67 MPX Camera, WOW what a camera compared to my Galaxy SII with 8 MPX Camera WITH FOCUS.

  44. Jorge Prado says:

    Watching this in 360p.

  45. Jorge Prado says:

    Dude, tablets aren’t supposed to have cameras, but since the “numb nuts” convinced the tablet market, they made tablets with cameras.

  46. YUPnNOPE says:

    Nice video

  47. theunits3 says:

    uMad bro?

  48. thebestpopmusic00 says:

    I will say the iPad 3 camera is better but not that much better, Not worth the upgrade. Maybe next year

  49. seancjwalsh says:

    “No one needs to know you’re carrying anything”, which is vital in Glasgow.


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