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Top 5 Best Protective iPhone 5 & 5S Cases – Review – Otterbox, Griffin, Incipio, Incase …. This video shows you the top 5 best protective iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S cases. Use coupon co…
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25 Responses to “Top 5 Best Protective iPhone 5 & 5S Cases – Review – Otterbox, Griffin, Incipio, Incase ….”

  1. Lautaro Fernandez says:

    Where’s the ballistic hc survival case? 

  2. TheSlomkaprod says:

    I spend 100$ and buy myself a army case I drop my phone from 2 floor and it
    still looks like ot of box :D

  3. BlueMaster says:

    wy you shaking

  4. Никита Савичев says:

    Го по русски я создал

  5. presley morris says:

    I have a cheap speck case it is great for me I drop my phone way to much
    and it hasn’t broke yet lol

  6. Andres Perez says:

    Could you please do the same video but for the sony z compact and z2 

  7. $ Cash $ Money $ Hero $ says:

    Where is element case ? 

  8. Aiden Richardson says:

    Snap of the screen protected 

  9. Jacob Diz says:

    Will you do durable cases for the HTC One m8

  10. adam mohamed says:

    I have the griffin survivor and never got one scratch on my phone

  11. Jacob Diz says:

    Will you do durable cases for the HTC One m8

  12. neverminedtnt99 says:

    Where is the lunatik taktik? I know you don’t have heaps of space in the
    top 5 but I really recommend the lunatik taktik extreme to anyone.

  13. Mark Lee says:

    Where is rokform fuzion rms

  14. Lisa Manzo says:

    Can anyone recommend a case that is really protective from drops? I got one
    but when I call people they say I sound under water and it’s pretty heavy.
    This is the one I got:
    Extreme Shockproof Waterproof Dust/Dirt Proof Aluminum Metal Gorilla Glass
    Military Heavy Duty Protection Cover case for Apple iPhone 5 5S 5G Home Key
    for Fingerprint @XYG

  15. Mad Life says:

    What is the name of these cases

  16. Thep Dont says:

    It will not work will toch

  17. ethan pruitt says:

    I got the armor series but they don’t make it any more

  18. adnaan beelut says:

    Sir you need to put for samsung galaxy s4 mini

  19. Maxime Ka says:

    89.85$ for a case, no thanks Jeff

  20. ZuRoDubstepTV says:

    Only the second case will get you ability to use touch ID for iPhone 5s

  21. Japan2is4awesome says:

    You guys should add the Kraken case from trident.

  22. inormis says:

    awesome….cases are just as expensive as the phone 

  23. weapwnX says:

    Hello I have an iPhone 5S. Will the Incipio Atlas (non Touch ID) fit? Will
    it interfere with the Dual Flash on the 5S? Thanks. 

  24. Drake Beber says:

    I have an iPhone 5S and if I get the case in the number 4 slot (orange and
    gray case) will I be able to use the Touch ID Sensor?

  25. Eric Holtzer says:

    Hey whats up, My names Eric, I enjoyed watching your video and I thought
    that you thoroughly displayed all of the difference cases and their pros
    and cons. I have an OtterBox Preserver on my galaxy s4, and I love it! I
    like the case on my own phone I also enjoy watching informing the videos
    and help me learn more about the products that’s keeping my phone safe. 


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