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Top 5 FREE Cydia Tweaks May 3, 2013 iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPodTouch, iPad Mini

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A lot of people have approached us about the new HDR video capabilities of the Sony Xperia ZL. It’s hard to show you on just one video, so we thought we’d co…

37 Responses to “Top 5 FREE Cydia Tweaks May 3, 2013 iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPodTouch, iPad Mini”

  1. xErik559 says:

    How did you enable the notification center on the lock screen?

  2. Bryant Hernandez says:

    i tap that ;) 4:20

  3. Joseph Brito says:

    Mine is always on yahoo tho? Lol

  4. 1coolTaco says:

    “Yohoo..not yohoo, yahoo..” Haha. Nice video.

  5. Ashley Mertz says:


  6. Juan Abad says:

    How u know what tweaks come out every week

  7. blackphotographer says:

    You forgot the sources my friend

  8. zombiesmaasher says:

    FYI in your video it says Definei which from the bigboss repo and it sucks, y’all should download the one from Modmyi which is named Define without an “i” which is the one that actually works.

  9. Agentd00 says:

    What kind of lockscreen was that it looks awesome

  10. ShaunBrown7 says:

    good tweaks

  11. TheRealTracksz says:

    Theme ?

  12. valterbda1 says:

    How do you get the double lock?

  13. Treyson Fan says:

    Thanks Mitch

  14. rajaza deva says:


  15. negolus says:

    Xperia zl looks sharper for sure tho I’m pretty sure the iPhone 5 is over saturating the colors giving a false color zl is more natural

  16. Goro Osiris says:

    sony best

  17. hadleytom88 says:

    Iphone sucks

  18. sunflash101 says:

    I would never get an iPhone but my Xperia ZL-biased nature still makes me want to say the iPhone video looks sharper

  19. Sergey Diodorov says:

    How cares about the color looking at such a shaky Video Xperia makes and getting sick.
    I Phone5 video can only be beaten by Lumia 920 (which i owe). :)

  20. elvergonsales19 says:

    iPhone 5 gana los colores son más vivos y es mucho más estable

  21. Charbel Akl says:

    iPhone 5 All The Way!

  22. tommy kl says:

    Xperia zL :-D

  23. Jordan McCabe says:

    Not Zoom! FOCUS!

  24. ksxs88 says:

    Jaime straight from el Parque de Mackay

  25. Saneem Radish says:

    Uhhhh….. Difference? iPhone may have even looked better.

  26. popsita says:

    Viewers remember to watch in actual 1080p you will see the difference .

  27. Minhaj Akbar says:

    You look alexis Sanchez

  28. MegaSaiem says:

    i like iphone camera better

  29. mikhail cortes says:

    that’s not suppose to be zooming, but focusing.. ^_^

  30. Derek Zientara says:

    Do you live in Honduras?

  31. Noach de Fretes says:

    I like the iphone camera better

  32. Jaime Rivera says:

    @jannah10002010 Sorry to disappoint you, image stabilizer is enabled

  33. sugak1 says:

    Puta Barca

  34. Gary Ormond says:

    Great video Jaime, and I love the way you say place names! (I so wish I’d learned Spanish at school) The ZL looks great on a computer screen too; not that the iPhone did a BAD job!

  35. UltrasWislaOFFICIAL says:

    Hala MADRID

  36. UltrasWislaOFFICIAL says:

    iPhone better

  37. Shane Sim says:



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