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Unboxing the iPad

Yes! Is the marvelous epic glory of a consumer device being removed from its packaging! Brought to you in living color!

In this video I review the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad. Read my FULL REVIEW here: …

49 Responses to “Unboxing the iPad”

  1. Theitalianjob1991 says:

    You’ve got to do more unboxing videos like this

  2. unboxinghub says:

    good job

  3. iLovatoNation says:

    They didnt have any 16 gb versions but they did have the 32 wifi version I
    wanted and an hour of waiting later I got my iPad 2 For FREE. DONT BUY iPad
    2! you can still receive one for free, just google for: freeipad2giveaways

  4. anichole102992 says:

    this is an un unboxing video

  5. MAN .vs. GAME says:


  6. bellyboy128 says:

    haha, youre funny

  7. megaarya says:

    omg… a square box :

  8. deprimineitor says:

    today I unboxed my cookies and I ate it

  9. Dana G. says:

    how did you get this from apple for free????

  10. TyneGibbs12 says:

    You too ;)

  11. Callofduty101hacker says:


  12. Nicholas Natrop says:

    wow 5 YOINKS

  13. Chris Tynan says:

    dude, you’re weird…lol

  14. LiteCastStudios says:

    January 25 is my birthday..just sayin

  15. caca20149 says:

    how did you get it for free from apple to review

  16. JamieJohnson says:

    I have an iPad, but it’s alot smaller than this one, and it’s called the
    iPhone. Wait what?

  17. Austin Mitchem says:

    ha when i saw your reflection you looked amish

  18. BabySamGray says:

    @123CharlieScene You’re a poor speller.

  19. Dominick duvall says:

    rectangular prism*

  20. lexstayunite says:

    Ur lame….

  21. love12311231 says:

    he is funny lol

  22. TheGamer4G says:

    I’m watching this on an iPad 2 no not 3 :( JK 3 suks TO ME!!!

  23. daantje best says:

    1:08 Hey it’s an iPad… xD

  24. ChuckNorrisKnows says:

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  25. Adria Spadina says:

    Using this case right now!

  26. cquickmi says:

    How do I release ipad from case?

  27. Eric Tschannen says:

    Do not buy this keyboard case. I have had one for 8 months and it has
    started to slowly break down. The “b” key has completely stopped working
    other than when the keyboard connects and a huge line of bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb’s
    occurs followed by the breaking of the “,” resulting in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    o,r m,ay,b,e som,eth, li,ke, t,hi,s. If you want to only use this thing
    for 5 or 6 months, great. Longer than that, buy something else.

  28. Daniel Ceman says:

    Just a question, would the plastic flap thing connecting the keyboard to
    the ipad rip off through heavy usage?

  29. Bill Murrow says:

    Great review and so far amazing case. Just wondering what the command
    button on bottom left is for and what the one next to the @ is for which
    looks like a globe. I can’t get those two buttons to do anything

    Thanks for any help!

  30. Run Around Tech says:

    Not other than turning BT off on the iPad.

  31. iHoop415 says:

    Gotcha…thank you

  32. Run Around Tech says:

    You can’t get 10 hour+ battery from a MacBook Air. Or iOS support.

  33. Kyle Mac says:

    Mines is full of scratches … ass

  34. Run Around Tech says:

    I can’t really answer that now since my pre-release version doesn’t have
    the proper magnets. Belkin has promised to send along a production version
    when they are available, so I’ll update once I receive it.

  35. Run Around Tech says:

    It’s not apples to apples. The Ultra thin is not a case.

  36. emryce says:

    didn’t you miss the whole idea that the keyboard slides under the ipad with
    the buttons being protected while holding it in tablet (book) mode? that
    seems like the biggest advantage to me because you don’t have to worry
    about pressing buttons if you want to lay the ipad flat on a desk and use a
    stylus etc

  37. MDallimore70 says:

    Hi Larry, good review. When you want to watch a movie say on a flight, is
    there another way of docking the iPad without turning on the bluetooth
    keyboard thereby preserving battery life?

  38. ipadcasereview says:

    get an ixcc keyboard case at only below 20 usd

  39. Joseph Han says:

    Great Review! I was wondering how it does in terms of protecting the ipad?
    Protection is a huge concern for me, as I am a commuting student looking to
    carry this around in my book bag. I was debating between purchasing
    brookstone or this.

  40. randomrazr says:

    my as well buy a macbook air if one is going the extra length to get a
    keyboard for the ipad Lolz

  41. Francine Potvin says:

    Your review is fantastic. Just ordered one from Belkins . Can i put a Snap
    shield secure on the back to prevent scatches.

  42. randomrazr says:

    oh yes of all apple devices the ipad has extrodinary battery life, i wish
    the iphone 5 had such good battery life. technologies always improve,
    battery technology seems to be quite lagging!

  43. Daniel Zarin says:

    I love this keyboard case!

  44. Run Around Tech says:

    It’s very protective.

  45. Christopher Brewer says:

    Hi, you say it’s on sale for $99.99 (black), yet they have one on sale for
    $129.99 (silver). Do you (or anyone else) know what the difference is
    (obviously apart from price & colour). The specs according to the Belkin
    website shows they have he same specs so I’m not sure what justifies the
    $30 price hike for the silver model. I’m looking at purchasing one, so I’d
    appreciate your feedback!

  46. Nayem M says:


  47. MatrixTechSolutions says:

    Thanks for vid Larry, Do you like this one better than the Logitech Ultra

  48. uncletone99 says:

    I’ve never really been into keyboard cases, but I could see myself rocking
    this one. It looks awesome. Great job as always Larry.

  49. Dennis Morehouse says:

    Thanks for another wonderful review Larry. Love this case


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