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USA TODAY for iPad Promotional Video

USA TODAY talks about the new USA TODAY for iPad app and the exciting possibilities it holds.
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11 Responses to “USA TODAY for iPad Promotional Video”

  1. Lisa Crenshaw says:

    watch my vids post a comment get thw

  2. juliannearner says:

    great channel

  3. Lisa Crenshaw says:

    Check out lisamona124 click on the fishermans ring ad

  4. Tarek Essam says:

    the ipad 3 will prob come out sometime next year on march, if apple does
    what they did last time you could always sell it and then buy an ipad 3 if
    you want it that bad. @carolSpooners, you can actually still get an iPad 2
    for Free, simply google for: My 21 years cousin just
    received one!

  5. Lisa Crenshaw says:

    The zappruder film slow it downframe by frame I solved the murder

  6. 12onn1e says:

    Partnership with Media+Advertisers+Apple sounds like a Apple cannibalising!

  7. juneteasley says:

    What a tremendous concept! I read USA Today everyday, either online or the
    paper copy and this will enable us all to be linked to news in a great new
    way…without paper with which to contend (no recycling!) and without
    having to be at a computer. The navigation looks easy as well. I don’t know
    how you all do it. I can’t wait to “read” into the future!!

  8. SecularTechnology says:

    I think I will keep reading USA Today where it’s supposed to be read: On
    the newspaper. From a proud 17 year USA Today daily newspaper reader.

  9. RMCKIE says:

    This will make more people come back to reading and have a more enjoyable
    experience doing it.

  10. Lisa Crenshaw says:

    The dress the face the veil

  11. Dan says:

    i think it’ll give advertisers the oportunity to bring print advertising to
    life in a much more digital way minus 30 percent of the revenue they get
    hahahahaha due to a greedy pig headed company that runs the OS


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