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Vippie! Mobile: high quality video calling form IPad to Motorola Xoom

Here is a short presentation how to make a phone call from IPad to Motorola Xoom using Vippie! Mobile softphone. The application uses SIP protocol for callin…

Here is a full 1080p video test of the new iPad’s camera. I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!
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24 Responses to “Vippie! Mobile: high quality video calling form IPad to Motorola Xoom”

  1. sanjapkoki says:

    Very cute presenter. Very cute application too.

  2. Adnan Shahab says:

    Thank you

  3. ali Akbar says:

    hey cuti !!! you look innocent

  4. meezyrmcrs4ever says:

    zoom u n00b

  5. Arvind Sinha says:
  6. dinnerandashow says:

    I could never keep tight places soooooo clean. How do you manage?

  7. TechBoomTV says:

    @Sam0032i Thanks Sam! :)

  8. dhns555 says:

    Good cam but isn’t that weird to shoot some photos with that big thing in
    public or as a tourist

  9. TechBoomTV says:

    @CASHMONEY0712 UK, Somerset. :)

  10. Vincent Cleary says:

    were do u live

  11. The40nontyy3 says:

    yep alot better

  12. joshua jaramillo says:

    That camera is badass

  13. Yara Taha says:

    This is awkward but i am LOVING ur small backyard XP

  14. MAMBO JUMBO says:

    It would be better if you could do another video in a low light

  15. TechBoomTV says:

    @IVIonstaRDZN Thanks! :)

  16. TechBoomTV says:

    yeah >.<

  17. TechBoomTV says:

    @PoisonedGamer Very true! Thanks for viewing :)

  18. Kristen Schreiner says:

    Can’t wait to film my music videos with this creation!! Beautiful &
    Awesome!! ((:

  19. Jacob Brennan says:

    Nice video, excellent camera defo better than iPad 2

  20. StefaniaCXI says:

    Did you say ‘ciao ciao’ in Italian at the end? :D

  21. Sam0032i says:

    Awesome vid the iSight camera looks a lot better than the iPad 2

  22. IVIonstaRDZN says:

    Awesome man! Liked!

  23. RovexHD says:


  24. Eddie McL says:

    You have a really cool accent hahah where are you from?


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