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Wireless projection of your iPad desktop

How to connect your iPad, iPhone or Android device wireless to a Casio LED&Laser projector XJ-M245 and stream your desktop wireless to a big screen. The firs…

LET’S ROCK TOGETHER ! Exclusively on The App Store Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete mus…
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50 Responses to “Wireless projection of your iPad desktop”

  1. Gut binder bassi says:

    How about you don’t have a projecter BITCH!

  2. Даниил Диденко says:

    A по Русски

  3. Ricardo Pedroza says:

    I need it when I’m on the go to watch games like the World Cup 

  4. Somphong Ph. says:

    Delay to Display

  5. Voco Light says:

    I like this video presentation. I just think its a big lag, probably
    because its the cheapest IPad 2. Its a good idea though. This guy,
    made a wireless connection for much cheaper, also with no noticeable lag.
    I’m sure the two ideas are very entertaining in any extent

  6. mohammed Shaibi says:

    How do you do that

  7. charlie roche says:


  8. john renz Unggui says:

    I think it lags because it uses wifi to project those things.

  9. Emily Benitez says:

    What’s app called

  10. Vik13vik says:

    Can’t play games with that lag.

  11. roni pala says:

    Your dutch your accent betrayd you

  12. Nathan Acosta says:

    That is what’s wrong with touch screen devices, nothing can be
    distinguished by physical properties since everything is flat. I would
    imaging this is only for video use or presentations, at least that’s what I
    would use it for lol

  13. David Hager says:

    If only Apple didn’t have this closed App developers policy, no one needs
    to jailbrake…

  14. Benya Jamiu says:

    what software to down to use iPad..i got iPad 2 already guy

  15. PerformanceOverload says:

    LAGGY as hell.

  16. bgoodwinar032951 says:

    can this work with an Epson Powerlite 1715c?

  17. tommycp29 says:

    yeah its kool to play angry bird on big screen when you only use small
    screen ha ha ha, and waste some energy to contribute global warming

  18. tigeriraq1993 says:


  19. MrIgriX says:

    omg, so laggy,

  20. nblee71 says:

    Does it work for tv

  21. David Hager says:

    Don’t know what mr Macbook’s problem is…. This is so cool!!

  22. Warner Hashim says:

    its useless your not even looking at the big screen..

  23. Naif Alwaeil says:

    i must have jailbreak ???

  24. ArcticViper says:

    You cannot airplay from ipad 1 or iphone 4 or 3gs

  25. Projector Wizard says:

    That’s amazing! Great tutorial!

  26. Derek Land says:

    Tried to download when it said free, and iTunes wouldn’t let me because the
    App Was Being Modified. Now it’s back to full price. Ah well. Looks like it
    would have been fun.

  27. Ramu Gogulanaath says:

    It is available for free before 2 days … I downloaded it and tried nice
    but I need a sample to play these things. Piano is not good. Others are
    good. And 4 players is awesome but 4 fingers is not accessing properly.

  28. yotober says:

    Fucking amazing!

  29. signal6000 . says:

    No base

  30. Fret No More says:

    No bass player … that’s so rad. :-)

  31. 3biltala says:

    what about andriod?

  32. Fingerlab says:

    Google has nevers featured multiponk on Google Play so it not a good deal
    for us…

  33. radiokoala says:

    so sick!!

  34. Vincent Lin says:

    4P Play ~ Cool

  35. jbdranger says:

    thank god, now my 6 other arms won’t be such a nuance anymore! Thanks

  36. Guilherme Moreira says:

    muito legal…

  37. Nytroxyde says:

    That’s why I have an iPad! :D

  38. McGinnis Media says:

    WOW nice!

  39. Bunne says:

    This app is really awesome :)

  40. Hannes Kaechele says:

    Cool :-)

  41. 3biltala says:

    @fingerlab i know what you mean,hope one day see your great app for
    android,be sure i’ll buy them:)

  42. Tito Bosco says:


  43. maayaa77 says:


  44. Diogo Rivers says:

    Oh man, I missed the free day for Rockmate. Will it be ever free again?

  45. André Fort says:

    lol, sheeva playing with and ipad…

  46. 3biltala says:

    @fingerlab even on tablets?i have tf201.why not?can’t you do something
    about it?this app looks great:( __ i played multi ponk and its one of the
    best app that i ever had

  47. Fingerlab says:

    Not possible on Android: latency is too bad

  48. melezprensoguzhan says:

    thumbs up if 9to5mac brought you here ! :D

  49. Kanda Paul Toshiaki says:


  50. aptgetupdateDE says:

    Rockmate: 48 Stunden kostenlos


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