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Xperia Z Vs iPhone 5 – SHOOTOUT – Which is Best?

Sony Xperia Z Vs iPhone5 in a shot for shot camera shootout – which is best? Sony Xperia Z is hitting shelves and pockets right now, it’s packing Sony’s new …
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25 Responses to “Xperia Z Vs iPhone 5 – SHOOTOUT – Which is Best?”

  1. Angel Riveros says:

    Very very good video !

  2. Angel Riveros says:

    iPhone 5 love it a,

  3. Devout Tan says:

    Xperia z

  4. SRX069xXx says:

    Xperia Z :P

  5. drakaki88 says:

    iPhone 5 like!

  6. Hugo Beijkirch says:

    xperia z

  7. abhishek berry says:

    wow i phone can just cry now .

  8. TheCrazyAsylum says:

    Iphone 5 is more of a video camera and the Xperia Z is more a pic camera

  9. promaster123456 says:

    at 2:56 are you looking at me?

  10. HugoElcabezas says:

    z more live color in night and sometimes in day but other times iphone:), but in video, iphone 5 ;) with stabilization :)

  11. Ddonja Lyo says:

    The z has more true to life color and iphone just have a very saturated color. And the z captures more light too than the iphone 5?

  12. Mohamed Zael says:

    Z is stronger !!!

  13. calya16 says:

    sometimes 5 good, but sometimes z good too

  14. drilon kuka says:

    Hey blunty3000 , in youre opinion , which shootout was better ???

  15. VegaBoys05 says:

    I felt the Z shot better in urban areas, it was close for me but for the most part I think the Xperia won

  16. GMOkills says:

    at night z wins, stab better on 5 but 5 too yellow, z more natural color

  17. KStullah says:

    sony wins, it has good colour reproduction, sony king of camera

  18. Mazin Elshazali says:

    y u no do xperia z review!

  19. boo Jay says:

    iPhone has better image stabilisation, but the Xperia Z wins in every other conceivable category.

  20. DutchDesertFox says:

    no fkn aplle boy!!!

  21. Edward Uwechue says:

    Sound on the Sony is far better! I prefer the colors/clarity on the sony but its personal choice. Image stabilization on the iphone is better. Overall think the sony is slightly better.

  22. Pipiw12345 says:

    My Bro is really disappointed with the xperia z’s camera. He switched from iP5 to XPZ. We thought that xperia z’s photo look better until he noticed that it’s only good when you don’t compare it with others like iphone 5 or GS4 and when you view images using Bravia Engine 2. When you view the images on a computer or same screen the Bravia Engine tweak is gone and you will notice that it lacks on details.

  23. saaim Ibrahim says:

    Woah iPhone beat the Xperia z and the colour is amazing off course on the iPhone

  24. jwc731 says:


  25. Daniel Roque says:

    iphone 5 won!


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