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ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Installation Video for iPad

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Installation Video for iPad ZAGG Installation Video untuk pemasangan invisibleSHIELD pada Apple iPad. Video pa…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

iPad 4 Review! (aka iPad 4th Generation Review) Looking back, Apple’s decision to introduce an upgraded iPad with Lightning port wasn’t wholly unexpected. De…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Installation Video for iPad”

  1. TheRachious says:

    Are u restarted

  2. Sebastian Hurtado says:

    Thats not even an Ipad!! Its a reproduction

  3. bood3e says:

    Why the fuck would you ruin your ipad with some cheap ass soap and water

  4. blabla says:

    Idiots..idiots everywhere

  5. Kratolias Habibi says:

    i fucked mine up badly

  6. CHRIS palka says:

    I would be way to scared to spray crap on a ipad! haha For the new 32gb
    witch i am thinking of purchasing for like 600 i wouldn’t want moisture on
    it lol.

  7. bood3e says:

    What is the solution for? And does it ruin my device?

  8. spinninwheels5 says:

    maybe lay down a towel of some sort and lay the ipad or whatever on it so
    any liquid you squeegee off with get soaked up right away as opposed to
    sitting on the table laying right in a puddle of the liquid…also would
    help the ipad not slide around on the table while you’re working with it.

  9. Stefan Keeble says:

    Why put your iPad through this.. Much better screen protectors around

  10. PEN15 FTW says:

    how many hands does this guy have lol

  11. DiarrheaChain says:

    What about dust and shit?

  12. Frank Martini says:

    Tried to use and it SUCKS! ! 25.00 down the drain.

  13. RollingStone30 says:

    I bought three films for $3 on ebay and they don’t need to spray your
    finger tips or spray the plastic film. Just pill and apply. Cheap and easy.

  14. Vanilla Twillightt says:

    Much better to get a cheaper screen protector rather than a new Ipad – too
    much solution, ever think of a crash down?

  15. Lewis Williams says:

    Its a 1st gen iPad.

  16. RyannWeightmanFT says:

    Preparing for the best wank ever.

  17. ALR350Z says:

    lol no way I would let that much water near my device.

  18. Iqbal Asif says:

    Surely…..All that liquid on the i pad screen and corners can’t be good
    for the electronic parts inside. Also look too much of hassle. After
    watching the video I am definitely not buying it.

  19. ProffesorNickCutter says:

    alr350z its not water

  20. ThatsThatThe says:

    After spending hundreds on an iPad i’m not putting a lubed up piece of
    plastic against the front of it for any length of time.

  21. Christian Israel Navarro Jasso says:

    Excelente video! Quedo genial! Muchas Gracias!

  22. Sandy Davis says:

    Can you make the liquid spray and can you use a different protector. Most
    don’t show using any liquid but this is how Best Buy installed it.

  23. Neftali Palma says:

    I thank Best Buy for my invisibleSHIELD installation training!

  24. TheRerunn says:

    DO NOT purchase the smudge proff shield, it will distort your screen and
    you will not be able to get a refund. DO. NOT. PURCHASE.

  25. RacecartJ says:

    “lightly moist” oh my

  26. Didrick Namtvedt says:

    I’m thinking about upgrading from an iPad 2 to the iPad 4th gen. Not really
    feeling the look of the iPad Air with the same bezels as the iPad Mini, I
    feel that it looks better on the latter than the former and I’m used to the
    bezels on my iPad 2 so I would rather have the iPad 4th gen with the same
    bezel thickness all around but with the gorgeous Retina display, which will
    definitely make it much better to read text on it. So maybe I’ll get an
    iPad 4th gen for Christmas this year :)

  27. Jonny Alvarez says:

    When I look on the website it’s not there

  28. LPBlack Gaming says:

    iPad 4 is the best!

  29. Sotheary Long says:

    So many kind of ipad but I still no choice to buy 

  30. jekovan montgomery says:

    i have ipad 4 it awsome

  31. Aj Guzman says:

    Quick question, does the smaller charger port affect of how fast it charges

  32. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    Why would you get this over the Nexus 10?

  33. David Merlino says:

    I have the iPad 4 l like it

  34. Faion Davis says:

    Currently watching on an ipad 4 

  35. projectmorf says:

    The new air ipad feels a bit cheap compared to the 3 or 4.

  36. Lucy Yabs says:

    I love my ipad 4 3

  37. Miri Ketchum says:


  38. aNimalMaDness24 says:

    posted on my bday lol

  39. Stevan Trinh says:

    Watching on my iPad Air and I feel lucky buying an iPad Air since the
    design of the air really blows my mind compared the the 4

  40. Matt Gilbert says:


  41. daman khan says:


  42. SimsByAbz says:

    Im getting an ipad4 for xmas. Cant wait any longer! ;) x

  43. nikkistar400 says:

    Might be getting an iPad 4 for Xmas XD

  44. Matt Gilbert says:

    I have an iPad 4

  45. gameboy742 says:


  46. Sam White says:

    Go home with your stretched apps android fanboy at least IOS apps are
    actually optimized for the tablet

  47. gameboy742 says:


  48. Hanh Loi says:

    I do not know how to ask this, so please excuse me for my stupidity. With
    the other iPad, I have to get the one with 4G so I would be able to connect
    Wifi. How about the iPad 4th Generation, do I still need to get the one
    with 4G? Thanks so much. (I hope you could understand my question, I just
    do not know how to ask this question.

  49. Clarks Adams says:

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    . iPhone5Break . C O M*

  50. Mouna Ajjaj says:



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